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Coming on the heels of a $3.5 million MacArthur Foundation grant to the City of Philadelphia to help shrink the prison population by 34 percent, the Reclamate app/program has already sparked interest from the local criminal justice community, said project developer Alan Holden.

Smartphone-based Reclamate nudges nonviolent offenders to keep up on their post-release job training, drug testing, parole visits, and other pro-social behaviors. And it rewards good deeds with extra perks “like an extended curfew on weekends,” he said. While conventional tech solutions (think ankle bracelets) for monitoring parolees carry a $5-to-$27-per-day service charge, his smart alternative could be done for $3 to $7 per day, Holden said, with monitoring software from WhiteLake Digital.


Creative Director/Owner Nausher Khairi giving a presentation at the 2016 University Of Pennsylvania Appitup Finals.